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Reduce the number of contamination touch points in your organisation

Scrap the pen & paper sign in book and prepare for a post Covid-19 world.

Covid-19 has changed the way visitors, contractors and staff will be required to enter buildings. Your business requires a visitor management system that does not have touchpoints, will decrease contamination risks, and will help you to manage and maintain the security of your site.

VMEasy allows you safely and securely keep a register of each visitor that enters your building. With VMEasy you can pre-register a visitor and automatically send them an invitation that includes a unique QR code to scan on entry. Walk in visitors can use VMEasy too! The visitor scans the QR code displayed in your reception and completes the questionnaire on their own mobile device.

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VMEasy is for every organisation. School, hospitality venue or business, scrap your old pen and paper system and go touchless with VMEasy from as little as £295.

Welcome your staff & visitors safely & securely

VMEasy offers a touchless & hygienic way for staff, visitors & contractors to sign in to your premises.

No hardware is required. Visitors simply scan the displayed QR code with their smartphone. The cloud-based software quickly and efficiently gathers the required information. This can include our COVID-19 questionnaire for added piece of mind.

VMEasy is entirely customisable to suit your organisation.

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VMEasy for any industry

VMEasy For Hospitality

Build the Visitor Management System You Need

Don’t pay for functions that you don’t need.
With VMEasy select the modules that suit your requirements.

Don’t pay for hardware you don’t need!
If you already own a compatible printer or touchscreen monitor, no worries! VMEasy is cloudbased and will be compatible with most devices that have an internet connection, just pay for the software.

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