Create your Visitor Management Package

We have made VMEasy completely customisable and modular. You can get up and running with VMEasy with just the base subscription, or choose from our range of add-on modules to customise VMEasy to your exact requirements.

VMEasy Subscription

All of our VMEasy packages are built on top of the VMEasy subscription. Within the subscription you will get:

  • One year subscription to VMEasy
  • Your own cloud portal to manage your visitors set up against your own database all hosted within our UK based servers.
  • Telephone, Email and Live Chat support.
  • Customised badge templates for your visitors
  • 1 Free Contactless Sign-In Poster
Price: £295 (annual)

Additional Sites

If you would like to have VMEasy installed at multiple sites you can simply add on additional sites to your base subscription.

Price: £200 per additional site required (annual)

Education Pack*

VMEasy can integrate with all of the major MIS providers in the UK. Add an education pack to your subscription to allow your students to record late arrivals and early book outs.

If you use SIMS you can use the read and write module in VMEasy to write the attendance data straight back into SIMS automatically, just select the appropriate package for your school size below.

All of the available education modules include a DBS module to record the DBS number of any visitors who are DBS cleared.

* Requires the touchscreen option

Read Only MIS Integration (Primary & Secondary)
Price: £120 (annual per site)
Primary Read & Write SIMS Integration (SIMS Only)
Price: £204 (annual per site)
Secondary Read & Write SIMS Integration (SIMS Only)
Price: £300 (annual per site)

Screening Questionnaire (COVID-19)

Set a range of questions for your visitors and contractors to respond to before they are admitted onto site. The questions can be answered by the visitor up to a day before their visit, allowing you to screen visitors before they even arrive on site.

Use a pre-visit screening questionnaire with our contactless sign-in to help protect your staff, visitors and other users of your site from contagious diseases like COVID-19.

Price: £125 (annual)

Staff Contactless Sign In

Sign in staff quickly and easily with the staff contactless sign in module. The module includes one USB quick sign in scanner and a pack of 100 quick sign in fobs for your staff.

Price: £249


We offer different touchscreen options to help meet your requirements, or you can install our touch module on your own Windows 10 touchscreen PC or tablet.

Alternatively, you can use VMEasy without a touchscreen at all!

Use my own Touchscreen
Price: £0
12" Desk / Wall Tablet
Price: £595
12" Floor Stand Tablet
Price: £695
22" All In One PC
Price: £1050


Select which printer you require. Alternatively if you do not wish to print passes or have a printer already which you wish to use, you can choose to not have a printer.

Thermal Printer
Price: £120


Select which passes you require and what quantity you need.

Brother Visitor Label Roll (350 per roll)
Price: £18


Additional items to complete your visitor management system

Custom Printed Lanyards (pack of 100)
Price: £99
Printed Red Visitor Lanyards (Pack of 100)
Price: £55
Printed Green Contractor Lanyards (Pack of 100)
Price: £55
PVC ID Wallets (Pack of 100)
Price: £19.50
PVC Visitor Wallets (Pack of 100)
Price: £19.50
Quick Sign-In Scanner
Price: £195
SMS Credits (Pack of 500)
Price: £30

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Total: £295.00
excluding VAT

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